Hello. I'm Yohanes Pangaribuan from Indonesia.
In here I post some of my own works and so much favorite stuff.
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Three years ago, Cempedakers recorded a video of them singing “He’s Been Good”, a song which is composed by David Baroni. The guitarist Andri Marpaung made the music arrangement and he took a duet with Elifati Zendrato on guitar too. The other Cempedakers came to sing and then I took the video. 

This song is talking about God’s care for us, His creature. As Christians, we believe that God is always by our side in every moments of our life. Someone gave his comment: “Although the sound is cracked and there’s nothing special within the musical, I still feel blessed from this video”.

Oh boys, I’m so longing that moment :’)

We called ourselves with “Cempedakers”, it means that we are live together in a boarding house on Cempedak st. For me, it is more than a boarding house. That place is a place for me to grow up mentally. That place is where I can find a friendship. Those are the reasons why I’m still here in Cempedak.

This is a video which I created as a farewell to our comrades from 4 years ago. They must left this boarding house since the government has called them for work. I think will longing for reunion :’)

How I Love Jazz At The First Time

It was October 2011 when I went to Jazz Goes To Campus Festival in University of Indonesia. It’s my first time going to a jazz festival and I went to there without any definition about jazz. Honestly, I thought jazz is something like rap :|

In that festival, the first performance I watched was The ExtraLarge. A pop band which use tilt chord (well, it is my own term before I know bluenote). But who made me interested in jazz was Barry Likumahuwa. It was my first time listening improvised music which use bluenote in almost part of it. After that day, I became so curious about jazz music. I began searching Indoneisan jazz musician in internet and started to listen their works. And then I also try listened to so many international jazz musician from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis.

Before I listened to jazz, I enjoyed rock and pop music. So, my feel on jazz is so influenced by how I feel on pop and rock music. I mean, when I just started listening to jazz, it’s better for me to listen at jazz with many similarity with pop rather than listening to non-fusion classical jazz. 

Well, that is how I started my new observation in music. Slowly, in the passage of time, my music sense get a lot of change. I started wonted to listen bebop, swing, and also free jazz in so long duration. Watching jazz concert video is so helping too. Limiting my eyes to just looking at a thing makes me can concentrate my hearing and enjoy the flexibility of jazz.

My music sense was shifted more and more. Jazz made a vision in my mind. It makes me think what great music is. It makes me think how shallow the pop music. Jazz makes me think that creative music is a music that is improvised in melody and rhythmic. 

And finally, here I am. A person who listen to jazz in every situation :)

Indro Hardjodikoro is an Indonesian bassist. He is also a figure who gives big impact to Indonesian jazz scene in this last two decades. He and his band, The Fingers, have released three album and also have performed in Music Town Festival in Russia (2012). 

"Cerita Baru" (New Story) is his newest album released in 2014. This album is a continuation from his previous album in 2010, "Feel Free". From those album, Indro wants to tell us about his story as a musician. Cerita Baru is about his journey in this last four years. The album ranges from ballad to upbeat, but all have its own story and messages. 

This song is taken from Indro’s “Cerita Baru” album and tells us a story about long distance relationship. Well, when I listen to this song, I just thinking about a separated couple who is thinking each other while looking at the moon.

Have you ever thought of me when you looked at the moon, Miss Kurokoucha? :’3

  • Track: Our Moon
  • Artist: Indro Hardjodikoro
  • Album: Cerita Baru
  • Plays: 6

I really impressed by a young Indonesian jazz musician from my generation. He is Gerald Situmorang, a productive guitarist who born on 31 May 1989. So far, Gerald has recorded five album with five different music group. His first album, Oddventure (2012), was recorded with Hemiola Quartet, his band group together with Dimas Pradipta (drum), Kevin Yosua (bass) and Gabriella Sava (piano). Then, in this year, he released Time Is The Answer, his latest trio group album with Ankadiov Subran (bass) and Jessiliardus Mates (drums). 

"P & L" is a song from Gerald’s latest album. This song is a tribute for Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. If you ever listened "Leaving Town" or "James" by Pat Metheny, you will recognize that this song is really so influenced by Pat Metheny works.

I hope you will like this song. Enjoy :) 

  • Track: P & L
  • Artist: Gerald Situmorang
  • Album: Time Is The Answer
  • Plays: 6

Indonesian guitarist Oele Pattiselanno has been a 68 years old grandfather, now. He was born from musicians family and then he became one of Indonesian jazz founder. His guitar skill has made him become an international jazz musician. In 1992 and 1996, Oele was invited to performed in North Sea Jazz. Later in 2000 and 2001, Umbria Jazz and Word Pot Jazz gave him chances too. 

This song was taken from his old album, Plays Standards, which has been produced in 2006 and be remastered in 2014. In this album, Oele plays with four Holland musicians. There are Marius Beets (acoustic bass), Peter Ypma (drums), Erick van De Lutj (acoustic piano), and Ab Schaap (tenor saxophone) supporting Oele in this album.

"I Love You". Composed by Cole Porter and rearranged by Oele Pattiselanno. A bebop song to start your day. Enjoy :)

  • Track: I Love You
  • Artist: Oele Pattiselanno
  • Album: Plays Standards