Hello. I'm Yohanes Pangaribuan from Indonesia.
In here I post some of my own works and so much favorite stuff.
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Indonesian guitarist Oele Pattiselanno has been a 68 years old grandfather, now. He was born from musicians family and then he became one of Indonesian jazz founder. His guitar skill has made him become an international jazz musician. In 1992 and 1996, Oele was invited to performed in North Sea Jazz. Later in 2000 and 2001, Umbria Jazz and Word Pot Jazz gave him chances too. 

This song was taken from his old album, Plays Standards, which has been produced in 2006 and be remastered in 2014. In this album, Oele plays with four Holland musicians. There are Marius Beets (acoustic bass), Peter Ypma (drums), Erick van De Lutj (acoustic piano), and Ab Schaap (tenor saxophone) supporting Oele in this album.

"I Love You". Composed by Cole Porter and rearranged by Oele Pattiselanno. A bebop song to start your day. Enjoy :)

  • Track: I Love You
  • Artist: Oele Pattiselanno
  • Album: Plays Standards
  • Plays: 8

Another song from Gundam SEED’s soundtrack which is composed by Yuki Kajiura. We can here characteristical minor harmony from Yuki and also typical piano improvisation from Rasmus Faber here. 

This work can be the last Yuki Kajiura’s song that is arranged by Rasmus Faber because I can’t find the other in Anime Standards Vol. 4 album. 

Anyway, I hope there will be the fifth album from Platina Jazz to be released soon.

  • Track: Akatsuki no Kuruma
  • Artist: Rasmus Faber
  • Album: Platina Jazz: Anime Standards Vol. 2
  • Plays: 26

Every anime fans must know about Yuki Kajiura very well. Her music works have been used as soundtracks in so many series and movies. In my own opinion, Yuki Kajiura’s approach in music is not ordinary and is really unique. She gives variate genre style in her touch form latin to classic, from Japanese traditional to Arabic style, covering her pop frame. 

Miss Kurokoucha is a great fan of Yuki Kajiura who doesn’t do any jazz work. So, when I know that Rasmus Faber has turned a few of Yuki Kajiura’s songs to jazz, I think it should be great and I wonder if Miss Kurokoucha will love the arrangements.

This song is used in Black Butter’s soundtrack. Next time, I will post the other Rasmus Faber’s arrangements which is done for Yuki Kajiura’s songs.

  • Track: A Gleam In A Distance
  • Artist: Rasmus Faber
  • Album: Anime Standards Vol. 3
  • Plays: 30


There’s no point in killing  bad priest… but a good one… that would be a shock, innit? You don’t know what to make of it. I’m going to kill you, Father. I’m going to kill you because you’ve done nothing wrong. i’m going to kill you because you’re innocent.

Calvary (2014), John Michael McDonagh

This could be a great movie about Christianity.

Yeah, I know it’s very late to say “Happy New Year”. So, in this my first update on 2014, I choose to post a song from an Indonesian legend jazz band, Bhaskara. 

When I know the story of Bhaskara band for the first time, I was startled and couldn’t believe easily that this band is from Indonesian. Their first formation on 1985 (Kiboud Maulana on guitar, Perry Pattiselanno on bass, Karim Suweileh on drums, Abdullah Suweileh on percussions, and Luluk Purwanto with her violin play) have played a really successful performance and made North Sea Jazz Festival astonished.

Their success in the last year festival made them been invited again in North Sea Jazz 1956 with their new formation (Djoko W.H. on guitar, A.S. Mates on bass, Bambang Nugroho on piano, Didi Hadju on keyboard, Udin Sach on saxophone and the rest is just same as their old formation).

This song was taken from their first album on 1986. This album was sold more than 75.000 copy, a really fantastic achievement for a jazz album in Indonesia. I do love many tracks in this album, but to celebrate a new year, here is “Life Is Too Short To Worry”. 

  • Track: Life Is Too Short To Worry
  • Artist: Bhaskara
  • Album: Bhaskara '86
  • Plays: 9